Do you need to fill in a DS-160 form for U.S. Nonimmigrant Visa?

To fill in your DS-160 form and get the DS-160 confirmation page follow these steps:

  1. REGISTER at our website for free and log in (no credit card information needed).
  2. Click the "Forms list" menu item, press "Add a form" link and put your data into the provided form.
  3. After you fill in the form press "Order DS-160 completion".
  4. After you pay for your order your DS-160 form will be completed up to the Review stage within 24 hours, and you'll get the link to the form along with instructions how to sign and submit the form and get the DS-160 confirmation page.
  5. Review your form, sign and submit it (you will click the "Sign Application" button by yourself) and get your DS-160 confirmation page.

What do you get by using our service

You get a link to your completed DS-160 form quickly and in a convenient way. You only have to review the form, sign it and get the DS-160 confirmation page.

Our fees

14.99 USD is the price for the completion of one form (no matter how many times you refill the form for the same NAME SURNAME and passport number) with the assistance of our staff.

If you need to process a large number of forms simultaneously then you need to consult our manager.

You should use our service because

  1. With our help you can process DS-160 forms in an easier and much more convenient way.
  2. You’ll be able to correct the mistakes and complete the DS-160 form very quickly by a single click
  3. There’s no fixed limited time for completion of the DS-160 form on our website.
  4. You’ll be able to generate forms easily and effectively for large groups of people.
  5. Our system is the result of the experience from filling thousands of DS-160 forms for J-1 visa applicants from Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria
  6. You can ask for assistance of our specialist if you need help with filling the DS-160 form
  7. Using our service is cheaper, more reliable and easier than processing the forms manually
  8. The average order processing time is not more than 20 minutes
  9. We automatically eliminate 95% of government website mistakes (Session Time Out, etc) occurring while you are filling DS-160

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